Barbados weddings

Barbados Weddings

More and more couples are choosing Barbados weddings as the way to start their life together. Who wouldn't want to pronounce their vows overlooking the Caribbean, surrounded by the warmth of the tropical sun and the friendly smiles of Bajan hosts? Barbados weddings promise world-class services, allowing couples to focus their energies on nothing but the romance and beauty of their ceremonies. Aside from spectacular views and an atmosphere fit for celebration, Barbados weddings also offer something else to make your event special - a built-in honeymoon!

Barbados weddings are not only beautiful, but they're easy to arrange as well. Couples do not need to live or be on the island for any length of time before holding their Barbados weddings and no tests are required. After choosing where their Barbados weddings will take place, couples must apply in person at the Barbados Ministry of Home Affairs in Bridgetown with a passport, death or divorce decree if applicable (with certified translation if not in English), and Bds$150 with a $25 Barbados stamp if neither party is a resident of Barbados.

For further information about Barbados weddings contact:

Barbados Ministry of Home Affairs

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