Barbados watersports

Barbados Diving & Water Sports

An abundance of Barbados water sports makes the island an ideal location for fun and excitement on the sea. Parasailing is available off the beaches of Christ Church and St. James through The Falcon Parasail company, while surfing and windsurfing is best off of the eastern coastline to Barbados' southern tip. If watching, rather than participating, in water sports is more your speed, check out the Independence Classic Surfing Championship at Bathsheba Soup Bowl, an international competition held in Barbados every November.

What sets Barbados apart, however, are the spectacular Barbados diving locations, more than two dozen of them, ringing the island's coasts. Scuba divers come here especially for the Barbados diving facilities, which are also ideal for snorkeling. The western coast's calm waters are the best for Barbados diving, where the adventurous go to explore coral reefs and sunken ship wrecks. After you've been properly certified for Barbados diving, check out some of the best dive spots in the Caribbean:

Bell Buoy on the west coast is one of the Barbados diving havens perfect for all levels of expertise. To see how tropical fish have made a sunken ship their home, Barbados diving offers visit to the Pamir off of Six Men's Bay or the Stavronikita near Silver Bank coral reef. South of Bridgetown lies Carlisle Bay, a natural harbor with several shipwrecks; your Barbados diving experience wouldn't be complete without collecting some unique marine "treasure" - centuries of empty bottles thrown overboard - at this location.

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