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Barbados Car Rentals & Transportation

Barbados car rentals may be a necessity depending on where you are staying on the island. For the more remote northern and eastern coasts, Barbados car rentals make getting around much easier; though a developed public transportation and taxi system exists in the more populated west and south, visitors may prefer the flexibility that renting a car can afford in these areas as well. Barbados car rentals are ideal to get away for a day tour of the island's sites and are especially convenient for families.

Barbados car rentals require a valid driver's license and a major credit card to reserve. Rates average US$100 per day, which usually includes insurance and unlimited mileage. Several agencies offer Barbados car rentals - Bridgetown, and Christ Church and St. James parishes are the best for variety and to compare prices. To tour the country Barbados-style rent a minimoke, small open-topped vehicles that are unique among Barbados car rentals.

While Barbados car rentals can make getting from place to place more convenient, drivers should always be aware of local road conditions before setting out unguided. Barbados roads are generally paved and well-kept, but lighting may be minimal in more remote areas and tall sugarcane fields can reduce visibility. Maps are usually provided with Barbados car rentals and can be very useful in these situations, so keep them handy.

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