Barbados Telecommunications

Barbados Telecommunications

Up-to-date and efficient telecommunications mean that there should be no problem keeping connected and informed while visiting the island of Barbados. Placing long-distance calls to the United States, Canada, and many other countries can be done directly from most phones; from pay phones, dial 800-744-2000 to charge overseas calls to a major credit card. Calling cards may also be useful and can be picked up at the airport and throughout Bridgetown. Internet access is available at Barbados' twenty Internet cafes.

Though foreign newspapers are widely available at specialty boutiques and supermarkets, especially in Bridgetown, Barbados has three major dailies of its own: the Barbados Advocate, The Nation, and East Caribbean News. First published in 1895, the Barbados Advocate is the nation's oldest continually published newspaper and is a good source for general coverage. The Barbados Advocate features a variety of local news, sports, and business events on the island. For online news, the Barbados Advocate has also created an easy to navigate website that is updated daily.

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