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Barbados Security, Health and Hospitals

Ensuring that you remain safe and healthy in Barbados should not be difficult, as the island has very few risk factors that don't exist in other modern nations. One of the only major concerns on Barbados involves its tropical climate - the Caribbean sun can be very strong, but taking basic precautions like wearing sunscreen and avoiding overexposure should eliminate the dangers of sunburn and sunstroke. Unlike some Caribbean nations, water quality throughout Barbados is top-notch, naturally filtered and safe to drink. Crime on the island is low; visitors need only take normal precautions, as they would at home, like never leaving valuable items unattended and locking up car doors. Be sure to read up on your home government's recommendations before traveling to Barbados or any other foreign country.

A visit to a Barbados hospital may be necessary if you do become sick or have an emergency there, but facilities are modern and easily accessible. The main Barbados hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, is located in Bridgetown and has 24-hour emergency care. Bayview Hospital is another Barbados hospital south of Bridgetown where a fully-trained staff can assist you. For medical needs not requiring a Barbados hospital, check out the island's local pharmacies. These should be adequate for almost all non-emergencies and avoid the insurance hassles of visiting a Barbados hospital.

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