Barbados Restaurants

Barbados Restaurants

In addition to hosting a world of tourists, Barbados restaurants also attract world-class talent that continues to enhance the island's culinary reputation. Barbados restaurants ranging from fine cuisine to casual eateries stretch across the island's trendiest locales and there enough can't-miss spots to keep vacationers happy for any length of stay. Among these you will find an eclectic mix of continental and Caribbean fare, but be sure to try what traditional Bajan dishes are being offered in Barbados restaurants while you're there. Seafood - especially shellfish, snapper, and flying fish - is on virtually all of Barbados restaurants' menus and is served up in the form of popular local specialties. Try buljol, a codfish and tomato salad, or cou-cou, a spicy mix of cornmeal, onions, and sweet peppers often served aside steamed flying fish. Take note: though Bajans are liberal with their spices, conservative dress - a carryover from the days of British occupation - is the norm in Barbados restaurants, especially at dinner.

Check out these and other favorite Barbados restaurants:

The Orchid Room
Considered one of the finest Barbados restaurants, offering contemporary haute-cuisine with some Bajan specialities. Located in Colony Club Hotel, St. James parish. Reservations a must. Note: closed weekends, does not serve lunch. Telephone: 246-422-2335.

Waterfront Cafe
Locals and tourists alike have made this one of their favorite Barbados restaurants for authentic Bajan dishes and great views of the Caribbean. In Bridgetown. Note: closed Sundays. Telephone: 246-427-0093.

Josef's Restaurant
One of the island's best spots for seafood in an elegant setting. In the St. Lawrence Gap. Reservations a must. Telephone: 246-435-8245.

Angry Annie's
One of the most eclectic Barbados restaurants, in both food and décor, and great for local treats. In Holetown. Telephone: 246-432-2119.

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