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Barbados Island Tours

For a day excursion away from the beach, Barbados tours are a great way of taking in some of the island's best sites on land and at sea. Barbados tours on foot are ideal for exploring urban areas like Bridgetown, while a taxi or boat make viewing the country's more remote areas easier. If some Barbados tours offer professional guides, don't turn them down - enthusiastic and knowledgeable Bajans will point out things on Barbados tours that you may never have noticed otherwise. Here are a few ideas for Barbados tours:

Some of the most popular Barbados tours never even touch land. For something unique and fun for the whole family, hop aboard the Atlantis III at Bridgetown for a 45-minute submarine tour of coral reefs and sunken ship wrecks. Going in the opposite direction, Barbados tours by Bajan Helicopters promise unparalleled views of some of the island's most beautiful spots.

There are a variety of more "grounded" Barbados tours, most of which cost approximately US$50 per person for a full day outing. The Barbados National Trust can be relied on for the cultural and historical side of Barbados tours - book a spot on one of their buses to see the island's historic plantation homes. Bajan Tours provides a number of different Barbados tours by minivan, grouped depending on your destination preferences (ecological sites, cultural points of interest, etc.). For a luxurious twist on the old Barbados tours by taxi, VIP Tour Services offers a US$40 per hour (for four people) tour by Mercedes-Benz, customized according to the passengers wishes.

Barbados tours within specific sites are perfect to fill a few hours in the afternoon. In Bridgetown visit Barbados' Parliament Buildings, built in the 1870s; tours operate on weekdays when parliament is not in session. One of the most popular Barbados tours is a 45-minute look back at the history of rum-making at the Mount Gay Visitors Centre in St. Michael near Deep Water Harbour. The tour costs US$6 and includes some sampling. Finally, don't miss one of the most unique Barbados tours available - a one-hour tram ride through Harrison's Cave in St. Thomas parish, a stalactite and stalagmite-filled cavern, complete with a 40-ft waterfall.

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