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Standing in many ways apart from its neighbors, Barbados island is truly one of the Caribbean's premiere destinations. Barbados island has everything you might expect from a lush tropical getaway and more; notably, a charmingly British atmosphere lingers on Barbados island, leftover from the nation's colonial era that ended forty years ago. Don't expect Barbadians (or Bajans as they call themselves) to be stuffy, however - Barbados island is still the Caribbean and its 268,000 residents exude a warm friendliness characteristic to the area. Bajans are also hospitable - tourism is king of the Barbados island economy and this has translated into world-class facilities throughout Barbados island to accommodate all types of visitors.

Barbados Island Currency: Barbados island has its own currency, the Barbados dollar, but US dollars, credit cards, and traveler's checks are also widely accepted on Barbados island. A number of international banks operate branches on Barbados island, where currency can easily be exchanged. The Barbados dollar changes approximately at the rate of Bds$2 for US$1.

Passport requirements: Entry requirements vary for each destination, it is your responsibility to verify you have the correct documents prior to travel. July 1, 2005 a valid passport is required for travel to Barbados. January 1, 2006 a valid passport is required for travel to all the Caribbean and Mexico.

Time Zone on Barbados Island: Barbados island is on Atlantic Standard time, four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Driving on Barbados Island: On Barbados island cars drive on the left-hand side of the road as in Britain.

Voltage on Barbados Island: Electrical outlets are 110 volts on Barbados island (like North America), but adapters for 220-volt appliances are accessible.

Language on Barbados Island: All Barbados island residents speak English but Bajans spice it up with Afro-Caribbean influences and a distinctive Irish-sounding lilt.

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